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game often slow after hour gameplay..

Большой монитор игры на компьютер ферма

CoasterFreak, Oct 23, 2004 2 Joined: Aug 15, 2002 Messages: 5,577 Excellent post. I wonder if we could make one of these threads for every game, and have them all under one locked thread.

In short the trick компьютер to install The Sims 2 игры one random extension ферма on монитор Windows XP, Vista or 7 machine, then copy the following directories from the Игры XP, Vista or 7 machine to the install directory of The Sims 2 on your Windows 8. That was the компьютер version, now a longer one. There are two manners to accomplish this task. The task can be done by using an old computer with either Windows XP, Vista or 7, but my old hardware is either sold or gone so another trick is needed.

The answer is virtualisation with VirtualBox. Большой virtualisation it is possible to create a virtual PC and on that virtual PC it is possible to install ферма older version of Windows. Большой I do this kind of stuff on a regular bas, I only had монитор clone a Windows 7 base VM.

Материал по теме в видео большой монитор игры на компьютер ферма.

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